Issue 1

My Black Angel, Blues Poems and Portraits: Kim Addonizio & Charles Jones

On My Black Angel, Blues Poems and Portraits by Kim Addonizio & Charles Jones

This special feature includes poems, artwork, and an interview.

Proudly Presenting the 3rd Annual Blurby Awards!

Proudly Presenting the 3rd Annual Blurby Awards!

In Memorium: Alexis White (1985 – 2012)

In Memorium: Alexis White (1985 - 2012)

Alexis White grew up in beautiful, rainy, muddy, green Northwest Oregon. At the time of her death, she was about to receive her Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry from Oregon State University. In the closing line of an essay, she wrote that she was sitting on her back deck, which overlooked a wooded region near the edge of Corvallis […]


Witch-Wife by Julian Peters

An Interview with Robert Pinsky

Robert Pinsky on Recent Projects

It’s the wide range of readers and voices—famous poets and high school kids, trolls and scholars, churls and mensches, with insight and blather—that appeals to me. This interview is a follow-up to our 2011 interview, in which we discussed the author’s long-standing work at Slate. It’s a pleasure to speak with you again, Robert! Since we last talked, the “Classic […]

Three Poems by Helwig Brunner

Three Poems by Helwig Brunner

Knots Franz Schubert: Sonatinas for violin in A minor and G minor, D 385 and D 408   On a March day on the way from Graz to Vienna listening to Schubert’s sonatinas, remembered as the previous sound of halfhearted desire, which I wished would awaken once more from the sleep of its surrender. The themes were once unbroken, simple […]

Here the Branches Root – An Interview with Austrian Poet Helwig Brunner

Here the Branches Root: Austrian Poet Helwig Brunner

Helwig Brunner holds degrees in classical music and biology. His work has been published in numerous literary magazines and anthologies in Europe and elsewhere (e.g. New European Poets, Graywolf Press, 2008; Four Way Review, No Man’s Land, and The Adirondack Review). Brunner has published nine books of poetry (most recently Die Sicht der Dinge: Rätselgedichte, edition keiper, 2012) and some […]

The Promise of Ghosts

The Promise of Ghosts:A Review of Dan O'Brien's War Reporter by Ruben Quesada & Brian Kornell

I have been haunted and now so will you. Out of this threat of ghosts, Dan O’Brien creates a new mythology in War Reporter. In this collection of poems, he explores the experience of loss shared between fictionalized versions of himself and Paul Watson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer. As the reader observes their struggle through loss, she becomes a silent […]

Two Poems by Valzhyna Mort

Two Poems by Valzhyna Mort

Includes original artwork by Mel Chin.

And Suddenly It’s Evening

And Suddenly It's Evening
by Julian Peters

“sin, concupiscence, &c.” from Journal of the Plague Year by Franceso Levato

sin, concupiscence, &c. by Francesco Levato

They would scarce strip naked, this phenomenon of scattering, neither creation nor destruction of radiant energy, a change in distribution, an absolute vacuum, even in substances which are perfectly pure, such covering represented, in those who were compelled; there was madness beyond this, an idea of distracted humour, the pain of hunger, remote in the desert, that nameless city, crumbling […]

An Interview with Julian Peters

An Interview with Julian Peters

How did your interests in poetry and comic book art come together? Did you grow up reading comics? My interest in combining comics and poetry began in my early twenties when I conceived the idea of creating a biography of Arthur Rimbaud in comics. This was soon after my discovery of poetry, but as for comics, I had been a […]

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