from Transfer by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

Here the beginnings of going under unnoticed, that you arrive in this place a buoyant urge, rippling atop avenues, cruising for the untouched underside, following the rip in a stocking to Chinatown speak easies, an unlit Marlboro Red flopping on your parched tongue, as we’ve been spoken to by ourselves far too long to not breach touch tonight, staring the main language down […]

Aleatoric by Vincent Toro

Nodally yours. Like derivatives with tinnitus. Embezzling thumb suckers. Utopia as nucleic vacuum. Type O Negative submerged in assembler code. Jungle gyms destabilized. History is a hyperlink, a busted palindrome. Atavistic bandwidth too fast for context. Net neutral galaxies sprout like flash mobs. Prosthetic perception engenders a body of maybes. Serrated abstraction. Ennui of the virtual insect. Tectonic shift of […]

[I try to figure out what they say to each other;] by Devon Wootten

I try to figure out what they say to each other; and when, if spring happens, the new lambs will come. faithful and unafraid to ask even the simplest of questions, happy to have them simply answered. Out of the reaches of the impermeable night. this river staring into time, whispering mistakenly; only here. only now.   god. I sat […]

Memory Palace by Jeffrey Neilson

Plant a coastline of redwood on the outskirts of this domain. Without interruption, let life run its course. Species killed off. Underneath the street where you lived, let minnows collect on the surface. Let the family album survive the inferno. Let numbers recede into the background. The cloud of today’s memory stores them all. Who knows the outcome of the […]

Three Poems by Sophie Klahr

  THE BOOK OF PAID ROOMS, VOLUME I   In this hotel, rooms are shaped like cabins of a ship, the wallpaper velvet moss. Late daylight splits over the river into the room into the skin our bodies make—  this room on the river a light you can taste. Last week you lost your wedding ring at the shore, you’ve […]

Small Rebus by Charlotte Innes

-after Robert Rauschenberg Strange, how all we talked about last night began with s—soccer, sex, Shakespeare— their linkage subtle as Olympic rings, the body’s hidden past, or maps that show the shifting space between a delta’s fingers and men upriver shot for screaming coup— that some magicians, fearing gravity, refuse to say. Incalculable, this dribble and tap of sentences before […]

She Finds Herself Counting Again by Hilda Weiss

Every day, morning flows and tumbles and finds that new window she never saw before. And she counts the moments. It’s the way she goes to work. Counting the time it takes. Every office its own pattern of freeways, one-way alleys, parking lots. Even at home, she rinses breakfast from bowls, wipes the counters. Counts the moments. Calls herself stupid […]

Three Poems by Danielle Badra

Ghazal for Lost Women In old Arabic poetry there is always a camel & the camel is always a far lost woman, lost to the world she once inhabited of cannibalistic holy wine and wafers. Woman wafting scent of orange blossom seeping from attar syrup cooled on the kitchen counter, counter to the culture of her mother who baked with […]

Two Poems by Beth Ruscio

Non Grata   We lay in the dark, breathing together. –Louise Glück, Faithful and Virtuous Night   An indigo North Dakota winter night, enter a girl, in between abandoned and thorn, dirty blonde ribbon in her hair, B.O., annoyed, an ongoing annihilation with knit brow. No hello. Not likeable. Obliged to hear her rant, I really tried to talk to […]

There Was No One to Teach Me This by Brandi Spaethe

Emily walks through the abandoned zoo, stops to reach into the grass, removes a stone. She passes it to me like a stick of gum. I roll it between fingers, push dirt off soft edges. What are we going to do tonight?   A man at the gas station earlier that night said, “Sir, I can help you here,” and […]

Two Poems by Mahtem Shiferraw

Sister Black, Sister Blue I have a sister in every continent; she is yellow, & when she speaks her body blooms with small sunflowers she is light, she is the moon white beams spiking through her hair tender & coarse all at once; she is liquid, she is quick & slow with things that call her darling; she calls herself […]

Forget the Song by John James

I specified said light on the ladybugs, their dead shells accumulating on the windowsill. What is better—exodus or testament. What comes first, the thought or the word, the word or desire—ash trees wilting by the creek. In the beginning, every thing is whole. My daughter cuts her first tooth. Then sound, it’s jarring simplicity—I catch her mouthing for words. She […]

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