Three Poems by Sarah Maclay

25 So we went on the velvet journey of his voice. And the girl, then, opened a brook. He knew (well) how to apologize for nothing. And she, too, allowed the forehead lines their natural shadow. It was a private country that they made. We followed it as long as there was sound. And the mechanical caws crowing. She had […]

Permission by Seema Reza

Permission by Seema Reza

after David Sullivan Protect others from the mist of sorrow that settles over you in the night. Bury the quiver in your voice, hold your head high, do not bow though you were taught to. Write the poem about your fears: your mother’s breath stilling, your sons’ faces turning blue—or bearded—the inescapable imminence of someone you can’t bear losing disappearing […]

Four Poems by Aaron Apps

  Corrupt Matter “Evil is not living, and that’s it. Dying is already something else. Dying is different from good and evil.” —C. Lispector When an obese buffalo leaps frightened off a cliff it crumples Into blank sludge as it continues to articulate its four hoofs Into a breathless brutality. The animal is a lucid expanse. The animal roars mute […]

The Real Sun No One’s Ever Seen: New Blakean Gnosticism in Donald Revell by Geoffrey Babbitt

“Jesus said, ‘I shall give you what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no hand has touched, what has not arisen in the human heart.’” —The Gospel of Thomas Strange circumstances surround the most major discovery of Gnostic texts. In 1945, Egyptian farmer Muhammad Ali Samman and his brother were digging for fertilizer when their mattocks […]

Four Poems by Dan O’Brien

Four Poems by Dan O'Brien

The War Reporter Paul Watson’s Fear of Los Angeles Rising up through the earth, elevator opens in Perfumes. Trial makeovers for reptilian starlets. So many puffed -up lips, surprised eyelids. Can’t stop screaming in the dream. So I’ve been searching for flights and wondering, Why don’t I stick around till Monday for postmortem? We will sell this pitch, or we […]

Transcription by Conley Lowrance

You spoke in your cadenced alphabet, with your heart like a machine & opals buried in the pockets of your coat. Around you, the streetlamps faltered   & you contemplated forgetting your name or losing your wallet on a busy street. “Nothing is worse than these slender years— nothing compares to this city’s congested rain—”   In spite of your […]

What Lies Inside by Luanne Castle

What Lies Inside by Luanne Castle

Outside the fence the street leans down town past  wood and brown shingled storefronts and homes. I can drive my trap or walk, but I prefer to stay put  where they can’t steal from me.  Inside the fence, I count. Black and white cat with her sucklings:  one, two, three, four.  Stable with carriage and two horses, chicken coop,  shed, […]

My Black Angel, Blues Poems and Portraits: Kim Addonizio & Charles Jones

On My Black Angel, Blues Poems and Portraits by Kim Addonizio & Charles Jones

This special feature includes poems, artwork, and an interview.

In Memorium: Alexis White (1985 – 2012)

In Memorium: Alexis White (1985 - 2012)

Alexis White grew up in beautiful, rainy, muddy, green Northwest Oregon. At the time of her death, she was about to receive her Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry from Oregon State University. In the closing line of an essay, she wrote that she was sitting on her back deck, which overlooked a wooded region near the edge of Corvallis […]

Three Poems by Helwig Brunner

Three Poems by Helwig Brunner

Knots Franz Schubert: Sonatinas for violin in A minor and G minor, D 385 and D 408   On a March day on the way from Graz to Vienna listening to Schubert’s sonatinas, remembered as the previous sound of halfhearted desire, which I wished would awaken once more from the sleep of its surrender. The themes were once unbroken, simple […]

Two Poems by Valzhyna Mort

Two Poems by Valzhyna Mort

Includes original artwork by Mel Chin.

Two Poems by Jim Davis

Two Poems by Jim Davis

Please Do Not Use This Toilet (if possible) Did you hear about the man who swallowed a yo-yo? Some clodhopper down in Garfield Park. Real classy guy. The butcher said to my father, if he’s havin’ girl problems, I feel bad for your son, before handing over thirty links of venison sausage. There’s a sign on the busted toilet. Magnavox […]

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