Harvard Review on Anne Carson & Catullus

Catullus' elegy, as it appears in Nox.

As we pointed out in our review of Anne Carson’s Nox, the backbone of the book is a translation of an elegy written by Roman poet Catullus in the first century BC.  Over at Harvard Review Online we found an excellent discussion of that translation by J. Kates. Among other insights, Kates points out that “in Nox, Carson turns the reader into the translator. Her method is that of the historian Herodotus, ‘who trains you as you read. It is a process of asking, searching, collecting, doubting, striving, testing, blaming and above all standing amazed at the strange things humans do.'”


Check out our review for an overall understanding of the book, and then head over to Harvard Review Online to learn more about the translation!

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