Exit Interview by Matthew Woodman

“He must be very ignorant, for he answers every question he is asked.” — Voltaire


Describe your relationship to the moon:
a. Intimate. b. Cordial. c. Estranged. Explain.

Food is to fasting as self is to __________.

Which scar chronicles the cosmetic space
slipping the confines of your body
of knowledge?

None of this is real: true or false?


There is no one here: true or false?

What name did you howl, first seeing the moon?

Classify the ghosts that haunt your body.

Empty your pockets. Are you the same?


in narrative form, the texture of space.

Confession is to sin as baptism is to __________.


Abolish is to form as license is to __________.

If we were to give you the code to false
the whole damned crew, in whose bloody space
would you sink your first teeth?

How high the moon,

in your craw that beggars explanation?

How clean would you suck the body?


Ricochet or crater: which the body?

Fur is to fuck as speech is to __________.

We are bound by the cunt and cock; explain
how you would make our imprisonment false,
with sweat-slick seas beneath a cum-stained moon,
our faults fractured strike-slip in thrusting space.


Death as inhalation, the breathing space
between effigy and arson, the body
as a kindling child filling the moon
with time: flesh is to fire as mind is to __________.

All exits entreat entrance: true or false?

The smoke: oak? Or mistletoe? Explain.


It’s almost time to go: explain,
using ritual combat and the empty space
of opposition.

True or false:

we require the erotic body
of evidence in order to prove __________.

Which face will you show to the moon?


Explain the process by which the moon
embodies our cosmic false dichotomy:
the spaces we refuse to leave blank.

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