Aleatoric by Vincent Toro

Nodally yours. Like derivatives with tinnitus. Embezzling thumb
suckers. Utopia as nucleic vacuum. Type O Negative submerged

in assembler code. Jungle gyms destabilized. History is a hyperlink,
a busted palindrome. Atavistic bandwidth too fast for context.

Net neutral galaxies sprout like flash mobs. Prosthetic
perception engenders a body of maybes. Serrated abstraction.

Ennui of the virtual insect. Tectonic shift of desire. The orchid
becomes the wasp. Syntrophic distortion. Bovine and elementary,

scallop nets are cast out into equatorial sidewalks. Involuntary
fossils plea bargain with the ghost of Ponce De Leon. Water

towers rust. I am not a kiosk nor the assistant director
of displaced treasures. When a lunch break resembles talcum

a customer will file a grievance. The vanishing point is pixilated.
Festooned with gamma rays, all available designers

and archbishops are reflections without a source code. The classroom
waits in line for high end veils, draping the neighbors with intangible

portraits of themselves taking photos in parallel cities. Street
sweepers flirt with parking meters. A halogen sky where

the jaundiced run liquored. A nail salon imbibed with sermon sleepers.
A vagrant autumn. Lifelike. Cerulean your serenade. Build sand castles

with the name of your unborn. Quantic allegation.
Unmoved by tidal drifts.

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