Submissions Guidelines

We are not accepting submissions at this time.

We will be accepting submissions for Issue 3 beginning in later winter, 2017. At that time, all submissions should be submitted through our submittable page.


Reviews should be between 500 and 750 words in length. Reviews that are longer than these parameters may be considered if the writing is excellent. Please spend some time with our published reviews to get an idea of what we look for. Reviews should be submitted through submittable. There is no fee for submitting reviews.


Essays may address any topic in literary theory and poetics and can be any length up to 15 double-spaced pages. The most successful entries will be comprehensible and interesting to those with a strong interest in poetics who do not necessarily share the same specialization within the field as the author. MLA formatting is required for all essays that require citation. Essays should be submitted through submittable. There is no fee for submitting essays.


Please send query to, indicating who you would like to interview and whether or not they have already agreed to the interview (or if it has been completed–in this case, please attach the completed interview). Regardless of whether they have already been approached, for interviews that have not yet been conducted, please indicate when/where/how (in person, email, etc) you plan to conduct the interview.

Artwork / Comics

We welcome original, poetry-related (or poetic in nature, loosely defined) comics and artwork that have not appeared elsewhere. They should be submitted through submittable in a standard image format (jpeg, gif, tif). Please do not submit in proprietary formats, including Adobe ai, psd, png, etc. Size does not matter as long as the comic is visible/legible; acceptance, however, will be contingent on artists being able to provide a high resolution image.


Authors should submit up to 3 previously unpublished poems, not to exceed 5 total pages in length. We accept both original work and translations. Note that translators of accepted work will need to acquire publication rights from the author of the original prior to publication. We ask that authors submit no more than twice per calendar year. Emailed submissions will not be reviewed; please instead use submittable. Our editors have experience with, and interest in, a wide range of genres, from narrative to experimental. At least three editors will review each submission.

For poetry submissions, we charge a small fee of $3. CalJoPo is a volunteer-run journal, and this fee helps defray the costs of web hosting and using submittable. Thank you for your support.

For all open submissions, CalJoPo requires first publication rights. Following publication, rights revert to the author and can be published elsewhere with acknowledgement of prior appearance in The California Journal of Poetics. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but kindly notify us at if your work is accepted elsewhere before you hear from us.

All submissions are subject to editorial input from the editors. In many cases, acceptance will be contingent upon acceptance of edits.